Core Judo’s Elite Training Camp has featured some of the greatest judo players in the world offering their vast coaching knowledge, Craig Fallon, Euan Burton, Darcel Yandzi, Guillont Elmont and Matthew Purssey, attracting players from across Europe as well as Great Britain.

The next Elite Training Camp will be led by Great Britain Internationals and will feature some international clubs. It is an unique opportunity to work closely with top coaches over an extended period. 


The Next Elite Training Camp is:

Core Elite Camp

TBC- Watch this space for our next great camp


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For competitive Judoka 13-18yr olds. Minimum grade orange belt.

 Camp limited to 80 players.


What our customers think:


"The camp was really well organised and my son Alex learned a huge amount on the technical side as well as making new friends."

Iyla - Ireland


"Thank you for such a great camp. James came home buzzing each evening and can't wait to try out a particular move he learnt today on his training partner this week."

Lorraine - Berkshire